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Industrial Applications

industrial packagesPlastic films offer thermal, chemical, dimensional stability. They are solvent resistance. They have high mechanical and dimensional stability. They do not tear easily. They are heat resistant. Due these characteristics, they are used in

  • Wire and cable manufacturing
  • Appliance surfacing
  • Horticultural products
  • Different carriers and liners
  • Substrates for die-cutting


Available products range:

  • In thicknesses from 3 5 microns to several hundred microns
  • In appearance from super clear, hazy, matte, opaque and colored
  • In treatment such as plain, corona treated, chemical treated or top coated for printing and coat-ability

For more information on our products suitable for industrial use, please read more on:

–       Polyester (PET) Films

–       Bi-axially polypropylene oriented (BOPP) films

–       Cast polypropylene (CPP) films

–       Coated films (such as PVDC coated BOPP and PVDC coated PET films)