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Lidding & Tray

lidding and tray applicationLidding films are used in packaging mainly food products where lidding film is heat-sealed to a tray that carries the food. PET based films are preferred in this application as they provide excellent dimensional stability and heat resistance.

Triton lidding films are designed to seal to a wide range of substrates.  Our lidding films are functionally designed to extend the shelf life of your products. All our lidding films are FDA approved.

Some of the commonly known applications of lidding films are frozen or refrigerated foods, fresh produce products and packaging for shelf-ready food items.

Depending on the contents of the food item packaged, how the food product is cooked and packaged, the conditions and time period that the food product is stored until it is consumed, there may be additional properties required from lidding films.

We offer variety of products that provide some of the following characteristics:

  • Ovenability (conventional or microwave)
  • Anti-fogging property
  • Peeling property (permanent, peelable or resealable)
  • Storability in freezing temperature conditions
  • Barrier property for extended shelf life
  • Printable lidding films
  • Perforated lidding films
  • Lidding films for packaging requiring self-venting