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Metallized Films

Metallised Packaging Triton InternationalMetallized films are used both in packaging and industrial applications. Process of vacuum metallizing provides either decorative or barrier properties to plastic films. Metallized films are generally laminated to other films or paper. Metallized film gives an upscale reflective look that adds perceived value to a product. Typical applications for metallized films include holographic decoration, paperboard lamination, metal transfer, light reflecting decals, sports cards and mailers, mirror applications and balloons. Metallized films are also used to add barrier property in packaging applications for processed fruits and vegetables, beverages, snack foods, coffee and tobacco products. Packages using metallized films are formed into bag-in-box bags, pouches, sacks or other types packages.

TRITON currently has the following PET, BOPP and CPP based metallized films. We work very closely with metallized film manufacturers all over the world. Therefore, we are able to offer the best metallized film products with reasonable prices for various applications.

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