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PI Films

PI FilmProperties and Applications

Technical Data Sheet

Polyimide FEP film is Polyimide film coated with FEPresin on one side(FH) or double sides(FHF)

through the sintering process at high temperature, which combines the excellent properties of Polyimide film and FEP(F46) resin, high& low temp resistant, radiation resistant, excellent electrical properties, superior dimensional stability and heat sealable properties. It performs successfully in the wide range of temperature as low as

-112F(-80c) and as high as +500F(+260c), widely used for insulation in motor, electrical apparatus and wrapping of cable and magnet wire. It can be melt and formed soon as desired at defined temperature. The following table lists the main technical data of common types of KYPIFEP, there are many other combinations, such as 939, 029,039 etc, please feel free to contact us if necessary.

Main Specification

1. Double-sided PIFE (click to enlarge image)

2 Single-Sided PIFES (click to enlarge image)










1. For wrapping of magnet wire and cable in Submersible Oil Pump, traction motors, aerospace motors, drilling pumps, transportation equipments, electrical instruments, communication equipments etc.

2. For insulation of Flexible Heater.

Note: Above values are the accumulative typical ones by recognized testing method, but, in order to

ensure you to select our products properly, please refer to above specification and test the samples based on your using purpose or feel free to contact us.