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Thick PET Films

PET films are widely used for their superior printing characteristics. Some of these characteristics are:

Superior ink, adhesive or Silicon Adhesion – Getting inks, adhesives and silicones to adhere to labels can be a challenge. PET Films offers excellent surfaces to meet any demanding adhesion needs. Whether you are using flexo, laser, thermal transfer or UV cured inks or adhesives, our PET films give you a superior performance.

Clarity or Opacity – Triton clear PET films have excellent clarity and very low haze properties. Our high opacity white or other color PET films provide an excellent surface to print your graphics.

Dimensional stability – PET films offer excellent resistance to shrinkage, curling or distortion. This makes them ideal for label applications requiring precise registration and dimensional control.

Heat and chemical resistance – Applications such as bar code labels, which will be exposed to extreme heat, harsh chemicals or require exceptional barrier performance. Our PET films offer excellent barrier properties for such environments.


Type Item Gauge (┬Ám) Characteristics Application
PT-T20 Plain PET film 25-250 Transparent, lay-flat, low shrinkage, excellent insulation properties, UL approved Electronic and electrical insulation, protection for photo and card, ejection, metallizing, printing, etc.
PT-T21 Plain PET Film 125-250 Milky white, lay-flat, low shrinkage, excellent insulation properties, UL approved Electronic and electrical insulation, decoration, etc.
PT-T21BW Hazy PET Film 36-250 Haze adjustable within 5-25%. Excellent insulation properties Electronic and electrical insulation, etc.
PT-T23 Flame-retardant PET Film 36-188 Excellent flame retardancy. Good electrical and mechanical properties Flame retardant motor insulation and high grade decoration
PT-T23BS Flame-retardant white PET Film 36-188 White, low light transmittance Flame retardant motor insulation and high grade decoration
PT-T26 PET film for paillette 20-230 Good transparency, high gloss, low shrinkage, good dye-ability and easy processing for metallizing, laser imaging applications and plating Base material of plates
PT-T27 PET film for membrance switch 75-150 Low shrinkage, lay-flat, strong adhesion Membrane switch and printed circuit board base
PT-T28 Black PET film 32-200 Superior opacity, even color distribution, good electrical insulation The sites needing to be shaded
PT-T28ZP Black PET film 35-250 Even black color, bright and will not fade when washed in heated water, good rigidity and plating Textiles, decoration, etc.
PT-T29 White PET film 75-200 Ceramic white, even bright, low light transmittance, good thermal resistance Base film for printing advertisements, labels, magnacards and membrane switch holders
PT-TCJ10 Matte PET film 36-250 Low gloss, high haze, good visual effect for metallizing and printing Label, decoration and packaging, etc.
PT-TCJ11 Matte PET film 36-250 White, low gloss, low light transmittance, good electrical insulation Information cards, music instruments, sites requiring shading, etc.
PT-TC Colored PET film 36-250 Brown, red, green, yellow, etc. the color will be even and permanent Decoration, electronic, electrical insulation, etc.