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Research and development (R&D)

Triton International SolutionsWe spend considerable resources on R&D projects that contribute to our customers’ success. We work regularly on:

  • New product development
  • Development of customer specific plastic film formulations
  • Process improvement
  • Shelf life improvement
  • Cost improvement
  • Product performance improvement
  • Alternative supplier research on behalf of customers


Quality Control

We assume responsibility for the quality control process from production to completion to provide a consistently good product. We are always aware of our responsibilities to our customers, the environment and human health.

  • Quality inspection
  • Certificate of analysis preparation
  • Compliance certification
  • Post sales technical assistance


Supplier Assessment

Our suppliers are the best in their field. We know that because all our suppliers go through our unique and rigorous supplier assessment process, including among others their management style, commitment to quality, service orientedness and long-term vision. It is an ongoing effort that evaluates the production process from incoming raw materials to outgoing packaged finished goods.


Industry Analysis

Our customers are competing in a global business environment where industry trends are critical to stay competitive. Markets are constantly influenced by events in other markets around the world. What may seem like a local issue can become a global affair very quickly. For Triton, it is important to help our customers stay informed, successful and competitive in their business. That’s why we provide them with market trend data and analysis regularly.