Our vision is to be a leading flexible and rigid packaging solution provider with a distinctive global market position founded on our exceptional customer service, deep industry knowledge, top-of-the-line supplier portfolio, and collaborative approach worldwide.

Our vision expresses aspiration to provide our customers with excellent products and service, locally and internationally.

We believe each customer is unique and each project requires its own value proposition: quality, service and cost. Our distinctive traits our desire to find the best solution for our customers set us apart in our industry. Our strategy is to use the global resources of our company effectively to bring the best value proposition to our customers in a timely manner.


Our main goal is to help our clients become more competitive in their current and future business markets. We help our clients to reach their top line revenues targets while achieving their bottom line profit goals. While we have experience in many industries, our main focus is in flexible packaging, and construction industries.

Since our inception, we have continuously grown our sales and added new product lines to our offerings.

We support our clients world-wide to get the most competitive solution to their purchasing needs by locating the right domestic or foreign raw material suppliers.

We help our foreign clients to understand the needs and requirements of the American market, and work with them to improve their product and service offerings to American standards.

We have a staff of professionals who have extensive knowledge in broad range of markets. Our most important asset is our people, who value integrity and hard work beyond anything else. We make your priorities ours, and work with you to achieve them. Our sales people will find ways to make our product offering to be customized for your individual needs.

Our difference:


Triton International believes in a one-team approach. Our people, who understand the complete value chain of the flexible packaging industry, are the bridge between our customers and our suppliers.

Our customers

  • Market leaders
  • Diversified in several applications
  • Multiple locations globally
  • Innovative and new technology-driven
  • Highly focused on product development and research

Our people

  • Extensive engineering, sales and technical service experience in plastic film and converting industries Customer-focused with long and established relationships
  • Strong partnerships with our suppliers and excellent knowledge of products
  • Geared to provide tailored product solutions
  • Local market knowledge, global business understanding
  • Devoted, enthusiastic, and multilingual

Our suppliers

  • Leaders in their industry
  • Latest technology in production equipment
  • Strong commitment to product quality
  • Strong production process experience
  • Heavily invested in product development and research Wide range of products
  • Dynamic and well-educated personnel


Today Triton International, headquartered in Fredericksburg, VA, spans three continents and has five offices: two in the United States, one in Europe and two in Asia (China and Turkey).

Our production facilities are in the US, Germany, China and Turkey.

Our global reach and our local presence enable us to work closely with both our customers and suppliers.

We offer:

Competitiveness: We monitor material prices locally and globally and give our customers the most competitive solution.

Technical assistance and customer service locally: We provide feedback and assistance quickly.

Complete logistics solutions: We take care of customs clearance and local delivery. On time delivery: We ensure that products are shipped and delivered on time


Custom Slitting Services:

In its new Fredericksburg, VA facility, Triton International has the capability to slit and rewind films, laminated pressure sensitive constructions, paper and other non-woven materials.

Slitting and rewinding services of various products are performed for many industries including food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, health and personal care. Whether you require slitting and rewinding for developmental projects or have capacity constraints and need support to meet customer requirements, Horizon can provide the solution you are looking for.

Custom Slitting Specifications:

  • Slitting speeds up to 1500 ft./min.
  • Thicknesses range from 40g to 5 mil
  • Rolls wound on 3 or 6” cores.
  • Rolls can be wound sealant “in” or “out”, 24” maximum roll diameter
  • Minimum 2” web width, 43”maximum web width
  • Computerized lineal footage counters, core labeling and roll weighing.
  • Rolls individually wrapped, palletized and stretch wrapped.
  • Single structure films and laminated roll stock


Research and development (R&D)

We spend considerable resources on R&D projects that contribute to our customers’ success. We work regularly on:

  • New product development
  • Development of customer specific plastic film formulations
  • Process improvement
  • Shelf life improvement
  • Cost improvement
  • Product performance improvement
  • Alternative supplier research on behalf of customers

Quality Control

We assume responsibility for the quality control process from production to completion to provide a consistently good product. We are always aware of our responsibilities to our customers, the environment and human health.

  • Quality inspection
  • Certificate of analysis preparation
  • Compliance certification
  • Post sales technical assistance

Supplier Assessment

Our suppliers are the best in their field. We know that because all our suppliers go through our unique and rigorous supplier assessment process, including among others their management style, commitment to quality, service oriented-ness and long-term vision. It is an ongoing effort that evaluates the production process from incoming raw materials to outgoing packaged finished goods.

Industry Analysis

Our customers are competing in a global business environment where industry trends are critical to stay competitive. Markets are constantly influenced by events in other markets around the world. What may seem like a local issue can become a global affair very quickly. For Triton, it is important to help our customers stay informed, successful and competitive in their business. That’s why we provide them with market trend data and analysis regularly.

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