Packaging your cheese product with right material is the key to keep it fresh and tasty as when you package them.

Triton over a full range of plastic film products cheese packaging. Our film products help improve shelf-life and provides more even maturation process.

We offer full range flexo and gravure printing and multilayer lamination capabilities

Our cheese packaging films are available in four formats:

Forming (aka bottom web) and Non-forming (aka top web) Rollstock:

Available in different barrier and thickness properties, our forming and non-forming films can be used on all Form Fill and Seal (aka thermoforming) machines.

For more information, please see Food Packaging Films By Film Type under the


Tubular bags on a roll:

Bags on a roll are tubular bags. For easier packaging process, bags are connected to each other with a thin adhesive tape. This product can be used at manual or fully automatic packaging applications.

Depending on the type of cheese you are packaging, we have different version of this film (thickness and barrier properties) to provide the best solution.

Bags are available in different colors or printed formats.

Individual Tubular bags:

Our tubular bags can be used on all conventional chamber vacuum machines.

They can be manually or semi-automatically filled and sealed.

Side-gusseted bag:

These bags are designed for packaging large blocks of cheese, these bags can be used on manual or fully automatic packaging system. Due to its outstanding sealing properties, the side-gusseted bag also safely seals even through contamination.



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