You need to consider many factors when you decide on packaging solutions for your poultry products.

Food safety, shelf-life expectancy, packaging attractiveness, environmental considerations such as recyclability, convenience to consumers, fit-for-use properties for your packaging process are some of the key items to consider.

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APPLICATION Chicken Turkey Duck Available in Printed Format
Shrink Bags x x x YES
MAP Lidding x x x YES
Forming (Flexible or Semi-Rigid) Web Films x x x COLORED
High Barrier Shrink Lidding (Drum) x x x YES
Peelable Lidding x x x YES
Reclosable x x x YES
Recyclable Packaging Alternatives x x x NO
Rigid Trays x x x YES
VSP x x x
Horizontal Flow Wrapping Films x x x YES
Vertical Flow Wrapping Films x x x YES
Roll Stock x x x YES
Microwavable Lidding x x x YES
Dual Ovenable Lidding x x x YES
Polystyrene Foam Replacement Trays x x x COLORED
Ground Meat Packaging x x x YES
Made From Renewable Materials x x x YES
Shrink Stretch for Horizontal Tray Packaging x x x YES


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