Freshness and taste are the most important factors when it comes to fish and seafood.

Raw seafood products require high oxygen permeability rates. They also need high moisture barrier property.

Our 10,000 OTR (aka 10K) lidding films will seal to PE surfaces. Clarity of our films provides an excellent medium to promote packaged seafood products.

Our films provide excellent high puncture resistance and superior mechanical strength.

Typical Barrier Properties


(23 °C ; 0% RH)


cc/m2 / 24 hr



DIN 53380




(23 °C ; 90% RH)


g/m2 / 24 hr



DIN  53122



We also offer packaging solutions for cooked seafood products. Our high barrier lidding films and high barrier roll stock films can be used to package semi cooked or fully cooked seafood products.

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