Vegetable and Fruits

Keeping vegetables fresh as the day they are picked can be challenging.

Some vegetables require permeable packaging products to keep them fresh. Others need vacuum or modified atmosphere packaging as they very easily get spoiled with oxygen that naturally exists in the air.

Some other vegetables give out certain gases that needs to be circulated or permeated. The degree of permeation needed will change depending the type of vegetable and expected shelf life.

We offer customized packaging solutions for your vegetable products. Some of vegetable packaging solutions include:

  • Lidding Films With Antifog Property.
  • Permeable Lidding Films.
  • Flow Wrapping Films.
  • High Barrier Lidding Films.
  • Roll Stock Films .

All films listed above are available in:

  • Printed roll stock format.
  • Laser or punch hole perforated.
  • Bag format.
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