Narrow Web Packaging Specs

Triton Narrow Web Film and Packaging Specifications

  • Width size range from 43 mm to 203 mm.
  • Width tolerance is – 0, + 1 mm.
  • The length of the roll is from 6,200 meters (20,000 ft) up to 18,600 meters (60,000 ft).
  • The length tolerance is +/- 500 feet.
  • There can be maximum two splices per roll.
  • 76 mm diameter cores are required.
  • Corrugated dividers between layers (paper or chip board, no foam).
  • Corona treatment is OK, but not required. If there is corona treatment, it must be wound outside and labeled as “Corona Treated Side Out.”
  • Each roll is labeled on the outside layer and the inside of the core.
  • 45″ (1145mm) by 45″ (1145mm) (Maximum) pallets are used.
  • Splice specification: Double butt splice with 2″ red or clear tape.
  • Stacked on 70mm tubes to prevent columns of rolls from shifting.
  • No telescoping or edge weaving is allowed.
  • Each pallet contains a pallet label.

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