Foamed PET Trays

  • Made by the most recycled resin in the US.
  • Most competitive alternative to PS Foam trays.
  • Foam PET trays have monolayer structures. This allows them to be recycled easily.
  • Seamless change from Foamed PS to Foamed PET.
  • 40% less resin than clear PET trays.
  • Light weight similar to PS Foam trays. Saves energy and fuel during shipment.
  • 100% recyclable by and within the existing PET recycle chain.
  • Minimum of 25% postconsumer recycled resin content.
  • Foamed PET trays are stronger and more resistant trays compared to PS. They will not break in the packaging equipment.
  • Foamed PET trays are tear resistance and they do not tear as PS foam trays do. This protects packages from any damage happening during shipment and prevents any leakage due to tears on trays.

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