Recyclable Trays

Rigid trays are one the main sources of food packaging waste. Many rigid products used today are either non-recyclable or do not get recycled.

At Triton, we believe in “circular economy” will be key to bring more environmentally friendly packaging solutions to markets.

Circular Economy:

In circular economy, packaging products are 100% recycled and reused multiple times at either for the same or different applications.

For a successful circular economy, we must not only have packaging products that are 100% recyclable in existing recycling supply chains, but also supply chains to recycle these recyclable products actually exist.

Here some of the unique tray solutions that we bring to market:

100% recycled and 100% recyclable trays:
Made from 100% recycled PET material, our products can be fully recycled back into clear PET food packaging products as part of a circular economy.

Most of the current MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) trays used for fresh meat applications are manufactured from PP with a laminated high barrier PE layer or PET with a laminated PE layer. This PE layer is necessary to achieve a high strength seal between the tray and the lidding film, an essential element to ensure extended product shelf life.

These PP/EOH/PE and PET/PE trays are recyclable, depending on the percentage of the overall PE layer in the product.

In our new and unique trays, the PE layer has been replaced by an adhesive coating that is selectively applied around the rim of the tray. This adhesive achieves the same high strength seal as a PET/PE tray provides, but importantly the adhesive coating is easily removed during the post-consumer recycling process ‘Hot-Wash’ stage. The result is a clear PET tray that can be fully recycled back into further clear PET trays.

Recyclable Foam PET Trays:

This is the most cost-effective alternative that can replace current Styrofoam trays.

In this brand-new technology, PET resin is cavitated through a proprietary process and it becomes light weight. Resulting PET sheets can be thermoformed in existing Styrofoam thermoforming lines.

The new light weight and 100% PET based trays are 100% recyclable. These PET trays are perfect alternatives to replace Styrofoam trays and they are significantly cheaper than regular PET trays.


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