Metallized films are used both in packaging and industrial applications. The process of vacuum metallizing provides either decorative or barrier properties to plastic films. Metallized films are generally laminated to other films or paper. Metallized film gives an upscale reflective look that adds perceived value to a product.

Aluminum Oxide (Alox) films provide very low barrier properties and they come in clear packaging. They allow consumers sea the product packaged and still get a very long shelf life.

Metallized films are also used to add barrier properties in packaging applications for processed fruits and vegetables, beverages, snack foods, coffee and tobacco products. Packages using metallized films are formed into bag-in-box bags, pouches, sacks or other types packages.


  • Available in plain and heat salable versions.
  • Available in flood metallized (100% coverage) or partial (strip) metallized versions.
  • Available in low metal deposited version for susceptor packaging applications.


  • Thickness: range from 10 micron to 2 mil
  • Optical density: range from 0.8 to 3.5
  • Format: BOPA, BOPP, CPP, PE, PET, and paper
  • Color: silver, gold, clear aluminum oxide (alox)
  • Alox metallization process provides the closest barrier property to aluminum foil in a clear format.
  • Available in top coated format to prevent Alox from cracking during high temperature sterilization process.


  • Balloons
  • Food Packaging
  • Holographic decoration
  • House hold items
  • Light reflecting decals, sports cards and mailers
  • Metal transfer
  • Mirror application
  • Paperboard lamination