PETG is a high strength film with excellent clarity, good abrasion resistance, moderate permeability, high stability and a wide application temperature range. PETG films offer very high shrink rates that make them a preferred alternative to shrink sleeves for highly countered bottles.

We also have PVC and OPS films for shrink sleeve applications.

  • PVC films offer extremely high shrink characteristics, making it ideal for contoured containers. PVC films provides excellent clarity and offers grease and solvent resistance, gas permeability and wide heat seal temperature range.
  • OPS films are also used in shrink sleeves. They are preferred for their low shrink force property, which can be key for packaging applications where bottles are labeled when they are empty.


  • Very high shrink rates.
  • Available in low shrink force format.
  • Excellent clarity and gloss.
  • Offer tamper evidence.
  • High gloss provides bright and colorful graphics after printing.


  • Thickness: range from 30 microns to 50 microns


  • Automotive products
  • Cosmetics
  • Food and beverage markets
  • Household supplies