Styrofoam trays are commonly used because they are light in weight (less shipping expense), they are sturdy and they are low cost. These trays are made by using polystyrene resin.

Unfortunately, one huge drawback with these trays is that they are rarely recycled due to limited applications for recycled styrofoam trays.

Moreover, there are few established recycling companies that recycle styrofoam trays. That’s why most styrofoam trays end in landfills.

We are very happy to offer the following two solutions to replace styrofoam trays:

  • PET Trays: available in clear and colored versions.
  • Expanded PET trays.


  • Mono or PE lined versions are available.
  • High barrier version for longer shelf life and gas flush applications.


  • Several dimension formats are available


  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Fish and seafood

Fruits and vegetables