All-in-One, Fully-Automated MAP Solution

Each of the autoMAP100 and autoMAP200 series machines has the ability to carry out fully-automated MAP process and continuous operation.

Efficiency and ease of use

  • Simple, intuitive touch-screen panel makes for fast and easy operation and reduces user error.
  • Multi-program memory allows for quick transition between different packaging types.
  • Maintain a safe, sterile food processing environment: stainless steel body, easily removable panels, and hygienically designed conveyor belts and moving parts make frequent cleaning easier.


  • All operation parameters can be adjusted to various tray and film sizes.
  • Vacuum packing function for easy hermetic sealing of liquids, sauces, dressings, and hot-filled products.
  • Many customization features are available to fit your facility’s specific needs.


  • PLC control circuits constantly monitor operation to protect equipment against possible faults, misuse, or malfunction.
  • Invicta’s industry-leading customer service and support means you’ll avoid costly interruptions in production.
  • Designed and manufactured by APACK– over 20 years at the leading edge of food packaging.
  • Designed to operate 24/7 under normal conditions with no interruptions.


Custom packaging machinery solutions for food processors.