Tags and Labels


Plastic films are commonly used in labels. Some well-known end use applications are:

  • Industrial labels
  • Labels for food packaging
  • Beverage labels
  • Labels for consumer goods packaging

Depending on application method and other technical characteristics, we offer the following label films:

  • Cut and Stack labels
  • Wrap around labels
  • Synthetic paper films
  • Top coated unsupported films for pressure sensitive labels
  • Overlaminate films for pressure sensitive labels



Plastic films are also used to make tags. Some of the the most common applications for tags are:


  • Horticultural products
  • Lumbers and other forest products
  • Airline luggage tags
  • Chemical product tags
  • Tags for other industrial uses

Our PT-01 type PET films are available as treated or non-treated versions. Treated films can be of one or two side treatments to promote adhesion of all types of inks, coatings or adhesives. PT-01 offers excellent clarity, dimensional stability, lay-flat property and chemical resistance.

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