Low operation cost

  • Only one operator required (except for MAP25-DS Double Station model – 2 operators required).

Efficiency and ease of use

  • Intuitive touch screen interface makes operations simple and reduces user error.
  • Multi-program memory allows operators to quickly and easily switch between different products.
  • Stainless steel structure is designed to be easy to regularly clean and sanitize.


  • Quick-change molds and tray sealing tools allow MAP25 to be used with a wide variety of different tray sizes and configurations.
  • Compact design fits easily into virtually any food production facility.


  • Our machines are constructed from the highest quality electrical and mechanical components.
  • Our industry-leading customer service and support means you’ll avoid costly interruptions in production.
  • Designed and manufactured by APACK – over 20 years at the leading edge of food packaging.


Custom packaging machinery solutions for food processors.