Shrink Sleeve

Shrink sleeves have been widely used in applications requiring tamper-evidence for some time. From beverage to drug packaging, shrink sleeves provide a cost efficient and practical form of security to ensure the final products have not been tampered with before consumer use.

Recently, full body sleeve labels are getting more attraction as a marketing tool to differentiate products on the supermarket shelves. Eye catching label designs following contours and edges of bottles makes one product pop out for the attention of shoppers over their competition. New and more environmentally friendly plastic film alternatives made shrink sleeves even more attractive to package designers and marketing managers at consumer good companies. Plastic films based on PVC, PETG , OPS and PLA chemistry are commonly used for shrink sleeve labels.

Triton Shrink Film Portfolio includes:

  • PVC films,
  • PETG films,
  • OPS films,

See our reference section to learn more about these products.



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