Facestock and Liners

Pressure sensitive label constructions are comprised of facestocks and release liners. Facestocks can be different types of plastic films or papers. They are used as printing medium where information is printed. Release liners are used carriers to carry glue-applied and printed facestocks until facestocks are placed on containers or bottles.


Our PT series PET films with their superior tensile strength and thermal stability, and our PP series BOPP films with their conformability and excellent yield properties can be used in most labeling equipment. Both products can be used with UV, rotogravure or flexographic printing applications.

Release Liners

BOPP or PET based liner substrates offer a superior tensile strength over paper liners on high speed label liners. Getting silicones to adhere to substrates can be a challenge. Our PP and PT films offer excellent treated surfaces, which allow you to get an excellent adhesion whether you use solvent, water based or UV cured coating process.

For more information, please refer to our PET and BOPP films under the reference section.

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